Wednesday, January 23, 2013 tables + terrace

Assalam, it seems that my blog is to be written once a year and the theme always about coming back from dead or something. So I will not touch on that matter anymore and move on straight to the good stuff. Food!

Few Sundays ago (6th January to be exact) we went out with the mission to get Afiq a pair of black school shoes. Old one was too small for him.
Of course when we go out we will eat out. Sri wanted Western for lunch. Few restaurants were mentioned. Usual ones. Boring. Wanted to try something new today. I suggested to go scouring in Bangsar Shopping Center to see if there were any restaurants worthy of our money.
Found this restaurant on the 4th floor. Topmost. Near a Japanese restaurant.

What inspires that name i have no idea. Nice ambience. Good view. And more importantly at that time there were very few patrons. My children can move 'free'ly a bit and make some noise without disturbing other customers. And they have kids' menu. Plus point. Wifey agreed so in we went.

Modern, stylish entrance.

View from inside of the restaurant. Enough greeneries to make it a 'soothing' view despite the location being at the heart of KL
View of the 'inside' of the restaurant

The menu is actually not that long. I guess this is the kind of restaurant that just stick to minimum to keep their food quality tip-top. Forgot to take a snap of the 'adults' Menu.

Kid's menu

As you can see from the kids' menu there is a caricature on top of the menu that can be coloured. Something to keep the children busy. And busy indeed.
The sisters colouring 'Hello Kitty'
Sofea's and Natrah's handiwork. Obviously!
Hello Kitty. Sofea's favourite. Even brought it home.
The 'man' of the family. His finished 'product' is the kids' menu pictured earlier

Raudhah trying to be cute. Mmg cute la jugak hahah
Pretty eh? Guess whose work is this?

Wifey and Sofea

Not long after we made our order the food arrived. Nice presentation. Simple, appetizing and good portion (important for me...not my fault...ask my stomach). Enjoy the pics.
Caesar's Salad - tangy, not too wet not too dry. Just nice.

My meal! Fish Burger. It was more like Fish and Chips (or Wedges rather) with buns covering the Fish. Tasted good though.

Wifey's Spaghetti apa ntah. Can't recall how it tasted. But wifey loved it.

Sausages and Fries (Kid's menu). Nothing spectacular. Does it job (to fill the kids' bellies). The sausages had cheese fillings.

Afiq's half eaten or rather quarter eaten Fish and Chips. Again nothing to shout of. But give Fish and Chips to Afiq at any day he will devour it without mercy! Muhahahah
Raudhah enjoying her meal

Natrah 'smiling' while eating

Sofea making a cute smiling face

Just to share as well, noted their coaster bearing the restaurant's name. I find it quite unique. Simple and did it job well. (Utk apa coaster ni sebenarnya? Not that we put our drinks on it all the time).

Coaster made from cloth. Unique eh?

All in all it was a good heartening meal. I would rate the ambience as 8/10, food 6/10, price 7/10 and staffs 8/10 (Staffs were friendly and accommodating). Would I come again? Yes I would but I would come for dinner the next time as I found out the menu to be more extensive during dinner. Until then, Wassalam.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Back From Dead Part 3!

It has been nearly 3 years since I last put an entry in this half dead half alive blog. I don't have much time really for the past 3 years. And a lot of thing has happened since. Maybe I will start writing again. Good for relieving stress. Will try my best. If not, you will hear another Back From Dead Part 4! Macam cerita Bruce Willis la pulak. Die Hard. Die Harder. Tak Die2 lagi. Aku plak dok Back from Dead tapi tak back2 pun. Anyway we will see. Only time will tell.

Friday, July 31, 2009

What would be a suitable title?

Hmm..what should I put...back from dead PART 2? or is it part 3 now?...Doesn't really matter I guess since no one is reading anyway. I'm just going to write whenever I feel I like it so even after 10 years (eh melampau la plak) maybe 1-2 years pun as long as blogspot tak bungkus I will continue the way I am....
What would be the story today? Well this month's hightlight would definitely be my induction course. Wo what so special about my induction course? Nothing really...except that I had to perform a dance in front of spectators (where they actually sorak and siul) for the first time of my life! Did I feel proud?....Never felt so embarassed since the day I was born....
I was 'called' to attend this induction course both am and khusus on the 14th and ending last Thursday the 30th. It was held in Kg Gajah, Perak of all places. Heard KKM conducted it in Langkawi, Genting etc. Why UiTM chose to have it in Kg Gajah god only knows. Anyway I went there with 3 of my colleagues Kamal, Hidayat and Effa. Kamal drove his Bimmer and fetch us one by one. Took us 2.5 hours for us to reach Kg Gajah. In the car we were discussing how are we going to fill our time there and how bad this course could be. Based on the 'seniors' experience we initially thought that it will not be as bad as what we would have thought. Once arrived everything started to go wrong. We were the first few ppl registered for the course as we arrived around 3pm and registration opened at 2pm and closed at 6pm. Naively we just took the key to the bungalow they have assigned to us without asking. We thought everything would be air-conditioned! How wrong can we be!
Not only there was no air-conditioning, there was no Astro, we have to share 2 bathrooms and there was 9 beds in that house! Initially we wanted to take a room with 3 single beds but then we decided that Kamal and I take the room with 2 single beds with an attached bathroom and Hidayat will take another room with 2 single beds and hoped he would get a roommate! He was very4x worried I tell you. I would if I were him. The surroundings were quite how should I put this..... 'menakutkan'. The reasons we did not take the 3 bedded room was because there was no attached bathroom and lantai tak siap! It was only plain cement! Our moral definitely took a deep plunge after all that.
To bring it up again we then decided to have lunch outside and after discussing we chose to go to Ipoh and Hidayat brought up the idea of watching Harry Potter. Thankfully I had done some research prior to coming to Kg Gajah and Ipoh Parade fits all the bill. We then drove for about an hour to Ipoh. I'll let u know what happen next when I have the mood to write hehehehe...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back from Dead

Salam and greetings

I have a hunch that no one was missing me since my last post. Well not missing 'me' but my rantings. A lot has happened since. My eldest has started pre-school and now he is entering his second 'year' although his first 'year' wasn't really a year. It was about 3-4 months. Nonetheless he is now in five-year old class instead of the four-year old class. He is now a 'senior' as we call it in most boarding school.
My girls Natrah and Sofea are growing up well. Natrah could not stop speaking. The only way to shut her mouth is to make her go to sleep. But opposite to Sofea who until now is unable to say a meaningful word. She can understand and if she wants something she will point it but despite me and wife's best efforts she refuses to speak. I coaxed her with things that she want and I will only give it if she can say the name of the thing but still no success. The only progress she has achieved is she can mouth the word Ma-ma but no sound will come out from her mouth. Strange....I'm beginning to worry a bit but all of her milestones are perfectly normal. I need to start reading on isolated speech delay. If she can't say anything after 18 months I will refer her to a speech and language therapist. Her ears are ok now. She used to have ear discharges and upon consulting the Ear,Nose and Throat people now the problem has resolved but I think her speech delay was because of the ear problem she had earlier. I hope she will improve on her speech from now on.
How about my wife? Sri still a full-time housewife. This is no ordinary housewife. This is a housewife with an MD. That's rare. Heheheh....she said she will start working once my sister got married. Which brings me to my sister. She just got engaged on the 1st of January 2009 to a Kelantanese. At last. Everybody was worked up for this. My sister in law just came back from Sudan and my god she went on a shopping spree that could last me a year of groceries.Me and my family! But I suppose she is the youngest, the last of my siblings to get married and being the only girl so I suppose it justifies the spending...My parents were really excited about this..I can sense that so I hope everything will move smoothly until she is safely married.
So what about me? I'm still with UiTM. In my 7th month and settling in ok. Getting to know people in the hospital. Started to work in wards. Only thing I have to do MOship before I can do specialist calls. Agreed term was 6 months but I do not know if the Paeds Dpmt boss wanted to extend it. My boss was certainly against it. I really feel discouraged if I had to do another extra month of MO calls. Certainly my hospital colleagues have treated me very well but to be honest who wants to do MO calls if they can do Specialist calls? I don't know...I don't know whether this is just politics or I'm just being bullied or is it really for my own good?...Certainly the calls in NICU helped me a lot to boost my confidence in managing neonates...I don't know...I just do the best that I can and leave it to my boss to sort it out...I think politics plays a part....
I think that is enough for now....I will update more since my blogging 'semangat' has been revived...(by what I dont know tetiba saja bersemangat).....heh...Au revoir


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Story of My Wallet

It is troublesome to lose an important document or money....but to lose quite a few very important documents and of course monetary in the form of cash or credit cards is a different matter. What I'm talking about is about losing my wallet. Oh my god....what hassle I have to go through to sort this mess....
I was attending a curriculum review workshop in UiTM Shah Alam last week when I lost it. The thing is the last time I remembered having my wallet was the the morning before the day I realize I lost it. Like I said I was in Shah Alam all day attending this workshop. This is not the mechanic kind of a workshop! Don't even imagine I was bending or lying over the floor repairing some cars...not that kind of workshop but it is like a conference or seminar or something like that...anyway...when I got back from Shah Alam that evening (prior to the day I realize I lost it) I can't remember whether I tossed it on the table like usual...I was so knackered that evening...the following morning as I was preparing to go back to Shah was Friday I was rushingly putting things into my pocket I realize I couldn't find my wallet. All hell broke loose...I told my poor wife to please look my wallet in every possible nook and cranny of the house..As I was getting late I left my wife on her mission alone...As I was making such a ruckus in the house my parents both got involved to a certain degree to look for my 'missing' wallet.
Back in Shah Alam I can't understand a single word that came out from the lecturers that morning as I was busy thinking back my steps the day before. At the first break I did not even join the breakfast as I traced my room, faculty office, the cafetaria, prayer room and even the toilets! No sign of my wallet. My hope starts to dwindle slowly. Even after my colleague announced about my missing wallet before the lecture/workshop recommence there were no answer. Only people were asking 'How much is in the wallet?" hope was dwindling faster...After Friday prayer I consigned myself to defeat....I went to the police station. Embarassingly as all my money was in the wallet and even my ATM and credit cards were in it, I have no means to get cash. Nor do I have any cash on me. I found out I have to pay RM2 to get receipt for the re-application of Driver's Licence. To report the loss of Identity Card is free but not the driver's licence. I was dumbfounded. How can I get RM1 let alone RM2 at that time? I knew there was no cash in my car but I said to the officer let me have a look in my car first. What I was doing was only to buy time to think on how to obtain the money. Should I just cancel or go back to UiTM and borrow's someone's money? UiTM wasn't that far but it was troublesome and everybody were in the lecture hall anyway. At last I decided to go back in and put the saddest face that I can muster and hope that the officer can exempt me from paying it...RM2 for god's sake! It was really embarassing! Anyway just as I was trying to gather my courage to say it to the officer a 'makcik' who was there earlier than me, she was reporting some sort of accident occured to her son, became my saviour. She said "How much do you need, nak?". With a face so red with embarassment I said gratefully "RM2, makcik". "Takpela nak ambik 2 ringgit ni makcik kasi". Thanking her profusely I took the money and finally got my report. (Thank you makcik whoever you are). It is quite rare nowadays to find a good Samaritan like this makcik.
So when I came back home I again checked my car, went through the house with my wife concentrating in my room and the rooms that I have been to since the day before but to no avail. My mother even checked the car again. At this point I gave up totally. I've looked everywhere that I could but my effort was a waste.
So I started to think on how to get the replacement of all the important documents that I lost. You know how much does it cost to replace your ID card/MyKad? If it was not stolen or robbed then to lose it for the first time cost you RM 110, second time RM 220 and third and subsequently RM 330!! I was quite depressed at that time when I found out about this. In the wallet was about RM400. So not only I lost that amount but I will have to pay extra to get other things that I lost. The driving licence apparently will cost me RM 50. I did go on Sunday to JPN to replace my MyKad but my mother-in-law told me she has a friend in JPN that might be able to help me. I almost forked out RM110 for the card but the officer said that was my second loss since 12 years old! As I can't remember I did not argue. But looking in my new wallet there were less than RM220. Like I said all my cards were in the 'old' wallet. So I called my wife to come and give me some money (my poor wife hehehe) but after she discussing it with her mom she said for me to come back.
Unfortunately the following day she told me that her friend took unpaid leave for 2 months and so I had to apply for the card and pay RM220. Nevermind-lah I thought. This weekend I will do it. My mother in law also helped me with my driving licence application as she has a friend who has 'inside' contact with JPJ. Again she couldn't get the licence as she needs my signature and a passport-size photograph. So on the following day (Tuesday) as I was relatively free that day I woke up early to do all these things. After taking shower, I came out look in my closet and was thinking what to wear today...Picked the pair of trousers I wore the day I last saw my wallet. Wore it and suddenly I felt something at the backpocket. MY WALLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You must thought I must be very careless, blind or even stupid (maybe all!). For your info I did check my trousers but what I did was I just felt the trousers, which was hanged in the closet, with both of my hands. I did not take it out. My wife did that as well. So how come both of us missed it? God only knows....maybe when it was hanged (using the hanger) it got stuck on the upper part of the know the point where the trousers are folded on the hanger...I was only feeling the part beneath it.....So I did not drop it nor misplaced it and nobody took it. It was all because I did not look for it properly! But I did not care as I found it. Got my cash back, saved them from being use to pay for the MyKad and driving licence, and saves me time from going to JPN and JPJ! But I have to make another ATM card and I can't do anything about my credit card as they're overseas card. I won't go back there just to get a new one. Guess I have to start paying the credits and close the account. It was also embarassing but at least if people ask me what to do if they lost their wallet I know the answer!!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Ezam : From UMNO to PKR to GERAK and back to UMNO

The last few days we have been shocked....well not really shocked but maybe slightly surprised to hear Mr Ezam Mohd Nor rejoined UMNO after was initially sacked by Tun Mahathir couple of years ago during the height of 'Reformasi'. He was known to be the right-hand man of Anwar Ibrahim and he followed his leader's footstep from being jailed to the formation of People's Justice Party (PKR). However last year, an internal conflict between him and Azmin Ali (currently Vice President of PKR) resulted in Ezam quitting PKR and formed GERAK (Movement for Democracy and Anti-Corruption). What exactly the quarrel was all about I have no idea. Last week he and 6 other former PKR members presumably his loyal supporters rejoined UMNO without condition after meeting with Pak Lah. The reason or one of the reason he gave was that Pak Lah has started to 'reform' the current government by reviewing the judiciary and anti-corruption agency and due to this he wanted to support and to be a part of this 'reformation'. Now this what really boggles and truthfully bugs me.
First of all as we all know he was quite influential during the formation and early days of PKR. He was one of the few people who were brave enough to criticise the government which lead to his detention in Kajang. He contested in 1999 election and although he lost he managed to reduce the majority from 40000 to 1000! He did not contest in 2004 as he had a court case on him at that time and again not in 2008 as he already quit PKR and although was asked to contest he refused. What I cannot understand the reason he quit PKR. Is it only due to an internal squabble? Being a politician isn't that a daily routine thing to deal with? Is it really that serious or was he just a cry-baby? To be honest he doesn't have to justify the reason for joining UMNO or forming GERAK but just explain in more detail of why he left PKR. I saw this article in this blog and in this article Ezam explained about the rumours of him having a deal with UMNO for him to join UMNO. For me I accept the explanation and I never for a second ever thought that he would go low enough to have a deal to join UMNO being a charismatic leader of GERAK! That was really far from my mind. But I think the more logical thing to do is to explain why he left PKR. That is more important in my opinion to explain because if he never left PKR there will be no GERAK and there won't be any news of him rejoining UMNO! There is no need for him to explain why he joins UMNO as anybody can create a noble reason or an excuse to join UMNO. And to be honest if not because of the Opposition pressure and victory on the last election Pak Lah might not even strive for this 'reformation'. We will see how long can Pak Lah continue this good effort though...yes I'm not condoning it and in fact I welcome it but it doesn't mean I need to 'jump wagon' straight away! Well that is if Pak Lah still continue to be at the helm of our government...
I am quite disappointed with Ezam's action more because he is a charismatic leader and can be influential but again politicians are politicians. One minute you can predict their action and the next second they do exactly the opposite of what you think they might do....I wish him all the best though...I really hope despite being in UMNO he continues with his principles and not becoming a mule to certain people....Wallahu'alam..

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My first day at work


After waiting for 3 months, after interviews and interviews, after phone calls and SMSes I finally started to work in Malaysia. Although I have worked in Ireland for couple of years it is still nerve racking to start working after being out of the job for few months. 5 months plus since I last took up a job. Prior to that 6 months of irregular jobs as I was doing locum work. So all in all I haven't been doing any regular hospital job for nearly a year!
So on Thursday 15th May 2008 I reported for duty at Medical Faculty, UiTM Shah Alam. Like I said I was quite nervous initially as I did not what to expect. Everybody that has been working in Malaysia kept telling that working as a doctor here is very-very-very busy. Only plus is that you will given task which suits your qualification, not as a clerk or as a nurse like one might be tasked to do in Ireland. But then as I haven't got my Certificate to Practice from Malaysian Medical Council I won't be doing any hospital work for awhile. So the nervousness wasn't really that bad. Just that you have to get to know people again, the place, the work etc. Everyone turned out to be quite pleasant. Maybe because I'm a doctor. And a lecturer as well. Pleasant probably not the word but respectful probably the more accurate term. As I never worked in Malaysia before I had to register myself with KWSP. That was quite fast and credit to the staff there in Shah Alam. Took me about 30 minutes from the moment I stepped in to the KWSP office until I came out. Then I had the medical check-up. Unfortunately UiTM's own clinic was understaff so I was sent to a private panel clinic. That took awhile! Well not really their fault but just before I left for the clinic from the medical faculty office I absent mindedly went to the toilet and emptied my bladder! It was embarassing to tell the clinic staff that I don't feel like going to the toilet and explained what I did. I bought a bottle of mineral water and even took a glass of water from the staff just to fill myself up....damn that was really embarassing. Furthermore she kept coming back and ask if I had filled the container. Anyway after that I had chest X-ray taken and then met the doctor who was very pleasant. Everything was ok. Went back to the main campus and I was shown to this computer cum common room and was told this would be my place for awhile. Friend of mine told me everyone that was new will be given this room as their 'office'. So much for privacy. Anyway I did not require any and I used all the time that I had to fill up the forms that were posted to me with the offer letter. Stayed there made new friends, chat while filling up forms until 5pm. That was the first day! Oh yea I forgot to mention a friend of mine unexpectedly turned up at Shah Alam (he was the one who told me about the room) for lunch. He had some 'business' with the faculty and we had lunch together. The restaurant/cafetaria was at the Chancellor's Building (I think..). Lunch was quite good. I had meatballs with some chips. Still not used to eat rice during lunch yet.
That was my first day of work in Malaysia. Nothing really exciting but for me it was an important and very significant event of my life. I felt more motivated than what I had been back in Ireland. When you deal with your own people you feel more at ease. More accepted. You don't feel like 'Ah...another foreigner!What's he doing here instead of my countrymen?'.Sometimes and mind you not that often but it happens that when I was working in Ireland, I can meet people and they can be patients that you feel do not really want you there. Not there as in at that moment because he/she is tired or in pain or just plain fed-up but just don't want you to be there, on their soil. the attitude that you can get my god I sometimes feel like I wanted to pack my things up and go. But having said that like I said it was a rare occurence but once it occured it really sticks to your memory and very hard to forget. And again maybe I'm new in Malaysia...everything looks fine and rosy...maybe in 2-3 months time my perception may change!