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Assalam, it seems that my blog is to be written once a year and the theme always about coming back from dead or something. So I will not touch on that matter anymore and move on straight to the good stuff. Food!

Few Sundays ago (6th January to be exact) we went out with the mission to get Afiq a pair of black school shoes. Old one was too small for him.
Of course when we go out we will eat out. Sri wanted Western for lunch. Few restaurants were mentioned. Usual ones. Boring. Wanted to try something new today. I suggested to go scouring in Bangsar Shopping Center to see if there were any restaurants worthy of our money.
Found this restaurant on the 4th floor. Topmost. Near a Japanese restaurant.

What inspires that name i have no idea. Nice ambience. Good view. And more importantly at that time there were very few patrons. My children can move 'free'ly a bit and make some noise without disturbing other customers. And they have kids' menu. Plus point. Wifey agreed so in we went.

Modern, stylish entrance.

View from inside of the restaurant. Enough greeneries to make it a 'soothing' view despite the location being at the heart of KL
View of the 'inside' of the restaurant

The menu is actually not that long. I guess this is the kind of restaurant that just stick to minimum to keep their food quality tip-top. Forgot to take a snap of the 'adults' Menu.

Kid's menu

As you can see from the kids' menu there is a caricature on top of the menu that can be coloured. Something to keep the children busy. And busy indeed.
The sisters colouring 'Hello Kitty'
Sofea's and Natrah's handiwork. Obviously!
Hello Kitty. Sofea's favourite. Even brought it home.
The 'man' of the family. His finished 'product' is the kids' menu pictured earlier

Raudhah trying to be cute. Mmg cute la jugak hahah
Pretty eh? Guess whose work is this?

Wifey and Sofea

Not long after we made our order the food arrived. Nice presentation. Simple, appetizing and good portion (important for me...not my fault...ask my stomach). Enjoy the pics.
Caesar's Salad - tangy, not too wet not too dry. Just nice.

My meal! Fish Burger. It was more like Fish and Chips (or Wedges rather) with buns covering the Fish. Tasted good though.

Wifey's Spaghetti apa ntah. Can't recall how it tasted. But wifey loved it.

Sausages and Fries (Kid's menu). Nothing spectacular. Does it job (to fill the kids' bellies). The sausages had cheese fillings.

Afiq's half eaten or rather quarter eaten Fish and Chips. Again nothing to shout of. But give Fish and Chips to Afiq at any day he will devour it without mercy! Muhahahah
Raudhah enjoying her meal

Natrah 'smiling' while eating

Sofea making a cute smiling face

Just to share as well, noted their coaster bearing the restaurant's name. I find it quite unique. Simple and did it job well. (Utk apa coaster ni sebenarnya? Not that we put our drinks on it all the time).

Coaster made from cloth. Unique eh?

All in all it was a good heartening meal. I would rate the ambience as 8/10, food 6/10, price 7/10 and staffs 8/10 (Staffs were friendly and accommodating). Would I come again? Yes I would but I would come for dinner the next time as I found out the menu to be more extensive during dinner. Until then, Wassalam.

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